Current Programs

With partnership with the Stephen Lewis Foundation we have managed to do the following; 2010/2011 to present.
•    Provision of vocational skills to 25 HIV young positives, Orphans and other vulnerable children in Tailoring and Designing (embroidery), Hair dressing & improved craft making.
•    Counselling, care and psychosocial support to 28 HIV positive children, 130 vulnerable children & 345 youths.
•    Supported 20 HIV positive children,  orphans and other vulnerable children with basic needs such as education, shelter, clothes, food and medical care
•    Offered a drop- in centre to HIV positive children & offered health services and nutritional information.
•    Provided recreation activities to HIV positive children and youth such as games and sports, drama etc.
•     Provided rehabilitation services to positive children who were sexually exploited by offering them behavioural change sessions, legal support, etc.
•    Trained life skills so that youth can live and informed proper life choices
•    Referral for services especially treatment
•    With support from X-Y Netherlands we are implementing a right to justice project for Sex workers in Kawempe Division to enable CSWs access justice.
•    We have a unique volunteer exchange program. Four volunteers have so far been received from U.S.A, Finland and the Netherlands 2009- 2011.
•    On local level between 2005 to present, KYDA was able to build capacity, formed parent support groups and trained peer educators with the help of these local organizations.

To view KYDA’s previous volunteers click here.


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